Friday, March 31, 2017

soundtrack of a studio: rocks & straws - or gymnasium & snow..

"Anneli Drecker's Rocks and Straws is based on lyrics by the North Norwegian cult poet Arvid Hanssen, translated into English by artist and writer Roy-Frode Løvland. Hanssen's poems are strongly influenced by the mysterious and powerful nature of this arctic region, like the writings of Knut Hamsun, born only a few miles from Hanssen's birthplace. Man and nature, and man in nature – Hanssen captures the interaction of Northern Norwegians with their merciless but beautiful surroundings, and the sometimes-deadpan observations that follow.

As a PhD candidate at the Arctic University of Tromsø, Anneli Drecker is doing a research project on the voice techniques of indigenous people, and this is apparent especially in the song Ocean's Organ, with a Maori group singing kapa haka songs that Anneli recorded while in Auckland, New Zealand. The title refers to the voices of sailors that have drowned in the ocean, a subject that the Maori singers could easily relate to. A global reference. Something that we all are connected to: Water. And rocks. And straws."

As I was about to post this I realised that Anneli's second album based on Arvid Hansen's poems is released today: revelation for personal use

Have a nice week-end, see you all on Tuesday!

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