Monday, March 13, 2017

DAV // washed up over time

Subject: DAV // Teacher: Anne Katrine Dolven // Assignement: Time // 
Students: Sveinung, Arnulf and Stine Elise

Time spent walking along the beach and shoreline looking for trash or treasures washed up over time. 
Can someone's waste be valuable for someone else? Can we give it a new use? It was an endless row of questions. 

We found: a plastic boat, a russian log, a drink dispenser, an aluminum rod, styrofoam, rope, glass, shotgun shell, pottery pieces, seaweed, snails and shells.

The boat, log and drink dispenser got a new value as a wind shelter, stools and a fireplace. By using the rope we pulled the boat up from the shore. The russian timber has a historical tradition for use as material for buildings in the area.

The rest organized neatly, ready to be reused.

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