Tuesday, March 21, 2017

#4 fieldwork: Past, Present, Future | Sam

During the trip I keep eyeing on the relationship between Lofoten and Human: no matter the locals or outsiders. Lofoten is a hidden gem, and providing what all people need. I divided to 3 main categories: Fishery, Tourism and Regeneration. But then chase back to what I have been thinking in the blue house -- time, realized that I am actually looking at Lofoten with its past, present and future.

1 Fishery: Past | Present

- History
- Modern fishery industry
- Abandoned ports

2 Tourist: Present | Future

- Resources: the landscape = sight seeing
- Opportunity for business
- Threats: Overloading in summer time

3 Regeneration: Future | Past

- Reuse of the abandoned buildings/ports
- Artists' activities
- A. K. Dolven: Connection between Lofoten and outside world

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