Tuesday, March 21, 2017

DAV: All encounters in life are reunions after long times apart | Sam

A long time ago, a Norwegian girl went to Paris alone to study. She could not really speak French at that time, so as one boy from the Far East in the class. That is a good reason they stayed together all day. Since they do not have a common language, the communication was often using body language, but somehow they managed to understand each other, and became very close friends.

The girl left Paris suddenly. In the era of writing letters, they have never heard from each other again.

40 years later the girl has became a great Norwegian artist. After one of her personal exhibition is held, she receive an email:

"Anne Katrine, are you? I'm Nishino!"

The boy, Nishino Yoshiaki is now the director of the The University Museum, The University of Tokyo. As a professor he published books about art, books making, Japanese-French related. He then sent the girl his works, all the way from Japan to the edge of the world. He visited Norway afterward. The two good friends can finally communicate by fluent English and French, Nishino stayed in the small blue house at the beach for a few days, they climbed the mountain together even they are both more than 60 years old. Nishino read and loved some of the girl's poems, so he create a very special book for these poems, as a gift to his dearest friend.

And that is the story of A K Dolven.

I was very touch by the story, as a lone wanderer for all these years. Remind me of all these friends in my life, we could not really fully communicate because of the languages, but showed mutual support, helping and caring. Sadly I have not heard from some of them for a long time.

Dolven could never imagine that there would be another boy from the Far East, talking to her in her own house, the "Edge of the world", reading Nishino's book and her poetry in the small blue house, and climb with her together.

She wants us to spend few days on thinking about "time". I was, and I am still thinking of this great friendship and its story. It reminds me of my favorite quote:

"All encounters in life are reunions after long times apart."

Dedicated to A K Dolven and Nishino Yoshiaki

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