Wednesday, March 22, 2017

people & places

Johan guiding us through Vestbygd, Torfinn at Myre Saltfisk, Marie & Svein Erik in Nyksund, Anette of TIND, Samir at Nordland kunst- og filmfagskole, Kurt Atle of Flakstad kommune, Venke founder of Kaviar Factory, Andreas at Trevarefabrikken, Anne Katrine welcoming us at Dolven Studio, Mary Ann & Børge Captain Storm in Ballstad, Rolf at Lofoten Marine Oils, Hermod presenting the mapping of Lofoten méer and Lars Harald with his Lofoten Tours bus and lots of information and stories to share.

Myre, Nyksund, Vestbygd, Eggum, Unstad, Svolvær, Kvalnes, Reine, Å, Ballstad, Henningsvær, Kabelvåg, Fredvang, Ramberg: art galleries, boats, old factories in transition, islands, churches, artist studio, artscape sculptures, tourist routes projects, avalanche protection structures, bird sanctuaries, abandoned villages, light houses, bridges, cod liver oil plant, piers, docks, fish landing and production stations, prison turned into film school, mountain cabins, historical farm, boat houses, peat museum, mountains, beaches, surf centre, fish saltery, stockfish cathedrals.. see #layeredlandscapeslofoten for more photos.

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