Monday, January 16, 2017

#1 // Anna Liisa // Caring about place

I am a tourist in Norway.
When about to explore Lofoten from a distance for this assignment, I went to the tourist info point and asked for materials on Lofoten. I received a brochure, as most tourists do. 
It had many useful pieces of information in it. Maps, possible travel routes, accommodation facilities put into comparative tables, possibilities for horseback riding.
The brochure taught me all about the parameters of place - the facts and figures, the most important attractions to visit.

But what I was after was the significance of the place. Why would it interest me, how could I relate? In this question I saw an opportunity to turn a root-tree structure of the brochure into a rhizomatic one.

I spent some days finding ways to form an impression on Lofoten. Commercials, internet comments, articles, Wikipedia, GoPro kayaking clips on Youtube. With those images and words on the back of my mind, I set about destroying the brochure, making collages and drawings as my I let my mind wander.
The brochure became a basis for my own connections - about Lofoten, places in my native Estonia, or just in my mind.

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