Monday, January 16, 2017

Alone and together

I want to talk about us or them? the group mentality, and the way we put ourselves in a lot of different categories throughout our life.

We begin as someone's Baby

Then friend, brother sister.



Maybe you are a football player or a gamer
Maybe religion is a big part of your life

What education do you take, are you a nurse or a police? what you do will soon be one of the big question people are going to ask you.

maybe you become a wife and a mom and this will surely be a big part of your life.

But then you watch this political debate on TV.

And some politician says, I am Christian first and than Norwegian. And you think Hey? that cant be right. I am Norwegian, but I'm not religious. Can a politician who are speaking for the people in Norway speak for the Christians before he speaks for the Norwegian. Muslims, Christians, non believer, and all kinds of people?

And that is the point where things start to go wrong. 

I had this conversation with a Muslim in Morocco. She said that the people starting terror and war, the one that call themselves Muslims, have no regard for other Muslims. Or other people that don't believe what they believe. In other words, they are Muslims that have one truth. They are religious before all else. To look at it this way, It is the same through the Norwegian politician had. 

When you don't identify yourselves with people, war and discrimination is so much easier.

And we really like to think about them and us, to divide everything in groups. 

But the mistake I think is to start with the smaller groups.

But it's an easy mistake.

I remember in Lofoten Nature and youth summer camp we met people from all over Norway and some came from Russia as well. We always asked where are you from, that was the main question to get to know each other. And we answered Bergen, Oslo, Trondheim, and a few Russia.

When I am out traveling in Asia or Africa I get the same question. and its mostly the first of all the questions. Where Are you from. I know it would be stupid to say, I am from Askøy, or Bergen. most people don't know where that is. So my answer is Always Norway. and if it sounds like now where. I say, North of Europe.

But this is the problem, you can never get far enough away to see yourself as who you are above all.

I would have to meet an alien in space, only then I would think and look at my self as human.

I am a human from earth. 

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